Kisalgado Produtos Alimentares Congelados, Lda
Company founded in 2003
Activity: Production of high quality frozen food products (pre-cooked)- maintaining the good flavour of traditional homemade food.
In continuous expansion over the years, Kisalgado is proud to have maintained its priority of using traditional production methods, whilst taking into account the needs and demands of modern society.


Kisalgado began producing unique frozen food products rather than competing with already established companies - and embraced a mission of being known and recognized for its excellent product quality.
This policy includes its commitment to strict hygiene procedures during the production process, thereby guaranteeing compliance with food safety standards.
We invest heavily in personnel training and in modernizing our technical resources.
Our goal focuses on satisfying our current customers and working toward conquering new markets, particularly European countries, Portuguese—speaking African countries and others.

R&D and Production Process

Attentive to market needs and demands, our R&D department endeavours to develop products of an increasingly greater nutritional balance, always giving priorityto good traditional flavour and the highest product quality and safety.
We invest heavily in innovative oven-baked products and have also developed a number of vegetarian products.
Complying with all applicable hygiene and safety standards, particularly those based on HACCP, principles, our mission is to produce quality according to the rules established for the sector.

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Kisalgado - Produtos Alimentares Congelados, Lda.
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